JOY Pinpoint Precision Stylus X1 (充電版)

第二代Pinpoint Precision Stylus (可充電)

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Pinpoint™ Precision Stylus X1
for Tablets

This is the stylus you’ve been waiting for. The Pinpoint stylus from The Joy Factory is unbelievably accurate because its tip is incredibly small. It is the perfect companion to any touchscreen tablet. This stylus is rechargeable and equipped with an auto shut off feature making it user and environmentally friendly.


Works with Virtually Any Tablet, Any App

The Pinpoint Stylus is optimized for the most popular tablets available, so you can enjoy amazing precision without being limited to special software or just one type of tablet.


Write. Sketch. Sign. 

There is no limit to what this amazing stylus can do with 
your favorite tablet. The Pinpoint is perfect for signing 
documents, taking notes, creating art, doodling, editing 
photos, and much more.

  High-Tech Accuracy
Internal circuitry creates an electromagnetic field around the stylus tip, mimicking the touch of the human finger on the touchscreen. It even writes accurately over an impressive 120°-wide angle.
  Ultra Slim Tip
Pinpoint blows the average stylus away. Other styluses have a tip width of 6mm, but the Pinpoint is only 2.4mm. At such a tiny size you can see exactly where you are writing, accuracy goes through the roof, and you can interact with your tablet in ways never before thought possible.


Comfortable to Hold

One of the most important features of any writing 
implement is its weight. The Pinpoint weighs a pleasant 1.2 ounces, similar to a high-end ballpoint pen. This weighting 
allows the stylus to feel substantial while remaining 
comfortable for long-term use.


Flexible Feels Better

The Pinpoint tip flexes perfectly under pressure. This mimics the natural give of a pen against a pad of paper or the feel of your finger against the touchscreen. And since the tip is made of soft rubber, it offers just the right amount of friction so writing or drawing feels just like a fine pen or brush stroke.



Rechargeable & Auto Shut-Off

The Pinpoint Rechargeable easily charges via Micro USB. The stylus also features auto shut-off after 30 minutes. Because of this design, the Pinpoint’s battery life can extend up to 1 month based on 20 to 30 minutes of continuous daily use.



Charging LED Indicator

The Pinpoint Rechargeable LED indicator will let you know when it needs to be charged by blinking a yellow light. In addition the indicator will display a red light when it is charging and blue when it is fully charged and ready for use.


Some Apps to Consider

The Pinpoint Stylus works on virtually any tablet and app, but some of our fans have asked for some examples of apps to consider. Click Here for a list of apps that have been recommended by other Pinpoint users.



  • Length: 5.94”
  • Diameter: 0.50"
  • Weight: 0.10 lbs. with battery, 0.05 lbs. without battery
  • Battery: Rechargeable Polymer Lithium battery 280mAh
  • Battery Life: 4 weeks (based on continuous use for 30 minutes to an hour daily)
  • Indicator Light: Illuminated when activated with ON/OFF button
  • Replacement Tip: Available for purchase
  • Active or Passive: Active

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