Runtastic Moment Elite - Activity tracker

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  • 24/7 timekeeping & activity tracking

  • Provides information on daily steps, distance, calories burned, sleep duration & cycles, etc.

  • High quality, classic design & innovative technology

  • Reach your goals & monitor your daily progress directly on your watch

  • No charging necessary: long-lasting lithium battery

  • Waterproof up to 300 ft / 100m

Active folks with a feeling for fashion & style will love the quality and classic look of Moment Elite. The watch combines high wearing comfort, attractive design and a unique set of features. Just like any other activity tracker, Elite tracks your steps, active minutes, calories burned, as well as your sleep. The integrated alarm function wakes you with gentle vibrations on your wrist, while the progress indicator shows you at just one glance and anytime how far you are from reaching your daily goal (like 10,000 steps, for instance). 

Monitor your daily habits, set personal goals and reach them with this stylish accessory on your wrist. There’s more: Unlike other activity trackers, Moment needs no charging. The lithium battery lasts for up to six months and is easy to exchange. In combination with the Runtastic Me app, you can tap the full potential of your Runtastic Moment. The app provides a detailed overview of all your tracked values and stats. Plus, Moment always shows the correct local time! Forget about daylight saving time or time zone changes when travelling - Moment will sync automatically. You can even display the distance covered during fitness activities on your Moment when connected with your Runtastic app.


Supported Devices:

  • iPhone: iPhone 4s and newer
  • Android: Bluetooth® Smart Ready devices running Android 4.3 or higher
  • Windows Phone: Bluetooth® Smart Ready smartphones running WP 8.1 or higher

Compatible Apps:

  • Runtastic Me
  • Runtastic

Package Contents:

1 x Runtastic Moment
1 x lithium battery
Screwdriver for battery change
4 x spare screws
1 x Quick Instructions

Weight (incl. packaging): 242g


  • Stainless steel case (ø 1.81in / 46mm)
  • Scratch-proof mineral glass
  • Textile & leather strap (upper side textile, bottom side leather)

Download Quick Instructions & DOC:


香港行貨, 兩年保養

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