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以「您好!我的星球」為主題, Viéco 產品能夠在您生活裡充滿新奇及個人風格, 如文具, 個人物品, 家居用品及裝置等。生活是不停在轉變, 不自覺為您產生個人的獨特風格。

With the theme "Hello! My Planet", Viéco proposed products which gives stimulation and discover to life style and work style such as stationeries, personal items, housewares, installations, etc. Just like life style, various things are changing little by little in your modern life.

法國 Viéco 以綠色人生為核心, 致力呈現健康之美。擁有15年經驗的法國研究團隊, 精心研制一系列健康環保產品。匠心良意以植物提取葡萄糖而來的聚乳酸PLA物料作為主要材料物料。
現在, Viéco 產品通過法國研究團隊鑽研植物萃取技術專屬項目, 成功研制出專有的 [ BIOBASED-MORE ] 可堆肥的優質聚合物, 配以多達97%PLA , 能達至再生降解產品 。
採用 BIOBASED MORE 成分能有效阻隔因食物殘渣遺留於產品內而釋放出的異味和毒素, 法國 Viéco 產品已獲得美國FDA及歐盟SGS認證, 性能優異, 堅固耐用。

France Viéco focuses on [Green Life] and is committed to the beauty of health. A France research team with 15 years of experience has carefully crafted a range of healthy and eco products. The polylactic acid PLA material derived from the plant extracting glucose is ingeniously used as the main material.
Now, Viéco products focused on topics from molecular biology to plant extraction project through the France research team and successfully produced a proprietary [BIOBASED-MORE] compostable high - quality polymer with up to 97 % PLA , which can reach biodegradable products .
The [BIOBASED-MORE] component effectively blocks the release of odors and toxins from food residues left in the product, All products of France Viéco have been certified by the US FDA and EU SGS, providing excellent performance and durability.


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