iHealth Track 藍芽血壓計

智能血壓計, 內存60個血壓記錄

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A smart blood pressure monitor easy to use by everyone! 

Our new iHealth Track Blood Pressure monitor has been designed for easy use, with or without a smartphone. Taking your blood pressure has never been so easy! 

Why should I monitor my blood pressure?
Self-measurement of blood pressure is very important as it allows your doctor to monitor and adapt your hypertension treatment. More generally, monitoring blood pressure enables users and their doctors to anticipate cardiovascular risks.

What are the advantages of a connected blood pressure monitor?
With iHealth Track, you can easily follow your blood pressure and your heart rate. This blood pressure monitor allows you to read and interpret your measurements through its screen that changes colour according to your results. You can monitor yourself as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Thanks to iHealth MyVitals, our intuitive application for smartphones and iPads, our blood pressure monitor offers complete tracking and graphic display of historical data.
You can safely share your results with your healthcare professional. 

Why we love it
iHealth Track saves up to 60 measurements before synchronization. With a single click, you send your data to the iHealth MyVitals application. You will also like the screen that changes colour (green/yellow/red) depending on the results.

iHealth Track is a Class IIa medical device. This health product has been awarded the CE certification.


- 支援 iOS裝置及雲端儲存功能 

- 量血壓後顯示器會按用家血壓狀況顯示不同顏色, (綠色:非常好;黃色:可以;紅色:警告需注意),令用家立即掌握當前狀況

- 雲端連接前, 機身可儲存60個數據 

- CE 認証 



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